A Paramount Story is a 46 minute long show that recounts the first fifty years of the legendary studio thru the eyes of its founder, Adolph Zukor and a number of actors, directors, producers and writers. Utilizing interviews with Mr. Zukor and appearances by numerous paramount alumni, we trace the path of the studio from its inception at the turn of the last century to its emergence as one of the largest motion picture studios in the world.

Below are clips from past shows I produced that illustrate different Paramount Stories. The top clip features Jackie Cooper describe shooting a film as a child actor on the Paramount Lot. The middle clip is narrated by actor/producer Henry Wilcoxon retelling how is boss, legendary director CB DeMiille treated an extra on the Paramount lot in the 1930’s. The next clip is the Fatty Arbuckle story, the first set of scandals Zukor had to temper as studio head. The final video is a trailer for Roddenberry’s Trek in which the creator of the Star Trek franchise tells how he created the series.

Season 3, show 11: Legendary Stars
Season 3, Show 12: Cecil B Demille
Season 2. Show 6: Paramount Scandals
Season 1, Show 4: Roddenberry’s Trek