The Hal Roach Story

The Hal Roach Story is an intimate five-part series exploring the legendary mogul and his stars, including Laurel and Hardy & The Little Rascals.


At the turn of the last century, veteran filmmaker Hal Roach moved to Hollywood in search of becoming an actor. Roach soon found his real calling as a producer and opened the Hal Roach Studios. Roach is featured below talking about a scandal he faced during the 1930’s at Roach Studios. This excerpt is taken from a documentary on Hollywood scandals we produced in the late 1980’s and hosted by Lauren Bacall.

Over a career spanning several decades, Roach created some of the motion picture industry’s most famous stars. His stable of talent included Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang and the Little Rascals. The feature films he produced include such legends as Topper, Of Mice and Men and the original 1 Million BC.