The Little Rascals to the Rescue tells the story of how Hal Roach and the Little Rascals/Our Gang kids broke the color barrier in the movies and changed Hollywood forever.


At the turn of the last century, veteran filmmaker Hal Roach moved to Hollywood in search of becoming an actor. Roach soon found his real calling as a producer and opened the Hal Roach Studios.

In 1922, Hollywood, like most of the United States was deeply segregated. Blacks and whites were living in two worlds, an arrangement the US Supreme Court gave its blessing to in Plessy vs. Ferguson. Against this world of intolerance, Roach created the Our Gang comedies and decided with no fanfare that this was going to be an integrated group of friends who went to school together and played together. Needless to say, most executives at his studio did not see a bright future for his ‘kids’ series. He believed in his idea and eight decades later, The Our Gang Comedies are still being watched around the globe.


Over a career spanning several decades, Roach created some of the motion picture industry’s most famous stars. His stable of talent included Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang and the Little Rascals. The feature films he produced include such legends as Topper, Of Mice and Men and the original 1 Million BC.